The most common gin botanicals used by craft distillers

Craft gin is booming in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. These small-batch spirits are made with care and attention, resulting in a truly unique product that you can’t find anywhere else. What sets craft gin such as Old Bakery Gin, apart from other spirits? The botanicals used during the distillation process!

Juniper – Juniper is the predominant flavours found in gin. The juniper berry tastes like pine with a spicy, slightly sweet flavour that compliments other flavours well without overpowering them. The reason why junipers are so popular is because they give gin its signature taste! In addition to having a strong aroma of pine needles and citrus peel, junipers also provide warmth and spice to make your mouth water after just one sip.

Citrus peel – A refreshing citrus taste without the sweetness of oranges or lemons. Citrus peels are found in almost 20% of all craft gins on the market today.

Fennel seeds and basil leaves – Fennel has a sweet liquorice-like flavour with hints of anise seed, while basil provides herbal notes along with its own clean peppermint like aroma that compliments other flavours well. These two botanicals combined create a new twist to traditional juniper infused spirits. Basil features prominently in many Asian gins such as Hendrick’s which use it alongside Thai lemon grass and coriander for added spice.

Mint leaves – Mint provides many health benefits, but it is also an essential flavouring agent found in some gins which uses fresh spearmint along with several other spices including cinnamon, cardamom pods, coriander and many others in order to create a distinctive flavour.

Coriander seeds – Coriander is a herb with roots that can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. Known for being rich in antioxidants, coriander has been used as a culinary spice since the 15th century. It’s also found in some gins such which uses fresh lemon juice along with other spices including juniper berries, rosemary leaves, lavender flowers and many others to create its zesty taste.