Hire A Consultant To Find the Right JV Marketing Partners For A Small Business

Small businesses can attain incredible rates of growth with the addition of the perfect joint venture partner however this can take a considerable amount of time and internal resources to pursue new partner opportunities. Small business owners may want to leverage hiring an expert business development consultant to do the research and the “meet and greets” required in developing a new potential business relationships. Make sure the consultant working with your business is in tune with the dynamics of your company and all your core business processes so they may serve your interests to the best of their ability. It may not be easy to hand over these responsibilities during the early stages of developing a joint venture business partner, but for many small business owners using outside support allows them to focus on continuing to service their existing customers, focus on proven lead generating channels and existing marketing activities. This way when the time is right you can meet with vetted businesses that are also seeking new partners and joint venture opportunities.

Finding the Right Partners

If an outside consultant is going to be successful in finding the right joint venture marketing partner for your small business it is critical that they really understand your business. This goes much further than just reading the website, reviewing product spec documents, and having a meeting or two with the executive team. It is best that they spend a day or two in your facility and meet with all of the team members that impact a successful business transaction as well as the individuals that are responsible for providing customer service. For a small business this can be handled in a day or two with several meetings. Not only will your outside consultant be fully prepared to represent your company to potential partners they should have a good understanding of the company culture and include that in their assessment of who might be the right partner for the business.

The biggest reason most businesses even larger firms reach out to professional business development consultants is there existing list of contacts. It is wise to hire a consultant that has recent work experience in your industry or desired geographical region. Having someone that can meet with your team and quickly start making calls to set up preliminary meetings to discuss a business opportunity that they think will fit well for both companies will lead to quickly closing a partnership and moving forward with the implementation phase of a new joint venture marketing partnership.

Compensating Business Development Consultants

Compensation for business development consultants will vary from person to person and what skills they bring to the table. Financial compensation for a consultant with high level business contacts at a specific company will differ greatly than a deal that is put together for a consultant to do research and additional legwork to identify and approach the right partners. The former may want to see a much higher revenue share for the deals that they close whereas the latter may be more inclined to be paid an hourly or on a fixed monthly rate with a smaller bonus for each closed deal. Each business is different and so it is highly recommended that before moving forward with a consultant for business development that the person in charge of the company’s finances, run some basic projections and financial numbers to determine what can be offered to a consultant that can quickly close new deals.

Business consultants can assist a small business grow quickly through establishing joint venture marketing partnerships with the right partners that fit the company culture and can deliver to their existing customer base. Most small business owners need to focus their time and energy on servicing existing business and marketing campaigns thus hiring an outside consultant for joint venture support is a great way to not add additional stress on a sales and executive team. Consider using outside business development support the next time your small business is looking to grow into a new market or geographical region and hire individuals that already know the area and can quickly put together a list of hot leads for potential partners.

Steps to Become a Franchise Consultant

Once you make the decision to become a franchise consultant, what would be the most efficient process to follow in order to make this happen?

Step 1: Research franchise consulting firms
In order to determine which franchise consulting organization to affiliate with, it is recommended that you investigate several firms. Determine the reputation of each company including how long it has been in operation and also the number and types of franchises it represents.

The company should market for at least several hundred franchises representing a wide variety of services. Additionally, the organization should provide a comprehensive training program as well as continuous support to their franchise consultants.

It is advisable to interview current franchise consultants if possible. Find out their thoughts on the organization.

Step 2: Get your financing in order
It is important to become cognizant of what your cost will be to join the consulting companies that you are investigating.

There is typically a one-time fee to join a consulting company as a franchise consultant. This includes training and ongoing support. The cost usually ranges somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000.

Also factor in funds that you will need to set up your office. Most franchise consultants operate from their homes, thereby minimizing overhead costs.

If you don’t have the capital readily available, you may need to apply for a loan or for a partial loan. Sometimes franchise organizations can point you in the right direction in obtaining financing.

Step 3: Participate in training provided by the consulting organization
Part of your investigation of franchise consulting firms included finding out the type of training and support provided. Once you sign on, you will be attending training sessions that should equip you with all the material and skills that you will need to successfully link franchisees with franchise businesses. Take advantage of all of the training offered.

Step 4: Set up your office
Franchise consultants usually operate out of a home office. Much of the work is done via computer, telephone, and fax machine. For optimum working conditions, an up-to-date computer system is recommended. Also, it is usually advisable to set up a separate telephone line for your business. You will learn all of this in training.

Step 5: Work schedule
Finally, based on your lifestyle and income needs, decide if you will work part-time or full time and then prepare your schedule accordingly. Keep in mind that most of your time will be spent contacting leads, doing phone interviews with franchise candidates, and conducting research to determine the best matches for the franchisees as well as the franchisors.

How To Evaluate A Consultant

Many organizations, businesses, and individuals find themselves in need of the services of a qualified consultant, or expert in some aspect. Unfortunately, more times than not, the selection process used is anything but the best one for their needs. It is important to beware of who might have recommended a specific consultant. Does the recommending party have the knowledge and/ or expertise to know what is really needed for you? Are you hiring a consultant because he is best suited for you, and best able to propel you to new heights, and greater accomplishments? Or, are you simply hiring a consultant of convenience? That is, someone that someone else knows or knows of, who may or may not be the right party for you.

1. Before hiring any consultant, fully explore what that Individual will do for you. What kind of guarantee will the individual offer you? For example, take the circumstance where an organization hires a consultant to assist it in locating an upper level employee who will have significant authority (such as an Executive Director, CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Development, etc.). Will the consultant offer a guarantee that if the individual selected during a reasonable period of time (generally considered one to two years), the consultant will continue the search for a replacement at either no or a small fee? How can you assure that the consultant has no conflict of interest, and is not merely recommending someone who is either a friend, or someone who might prove beneficial to the consultant in the selected position?

2. What is the area of expertise for the consultant? Very few consultants are expert in multiple modalities, or at least not equally knowledgeable, experienced, or expert in all of them. Simply because a consultant has assisted in party or event planning, for example, does not mean they have what is needed to properly negotiate, plan and market an event as well as needed. This is another circumstance where a guarantee should be expected, that the consultant will at least save or get more for the group, at least as much as he charges as a fee, and usually by some multiplier or factor. When it comes to event planning, it is important to be sure that the consultant is not double dipping (getting a fee from you and paid also by either the venue or vendors).

Just because someone claims that they are a consultant, doesn’t either mean they are, or specifically that they are the one for you. Understand both your and their expectations, and assure that you protect yourself to make sure that you receive what you need and expect, as well as are paying for.

How To Scout The Clickbank Marketplace

Looking for big commissions in affiliate marketing? The Clickbank marketplace is an incredible place to get started. There are lots of amazing, self published books on helpful topics that visitors are hungry to buy. The downside is that since it’s so easy to get on the Clickbank marketplace, there are a lot of bad products with poor grammar and worthless content. Luckily, once you can separate the wheat from the chaff, you’ll have a killer source of income. Follow along, and we’ll look at how to scout for products on Clickbank the smart way.
Narrow the Field

Since there are so many products on the Clickbank marketplace, you’ll need to whittle your options down to a particular niche that interests you. The main Clickbank website is a little difficult to maneuver around, so you should start with a website like CBEngine. Spend time looking at the pages for individual products. Look for effective sales copy and high quality images and video. Ask yourself whether you’d buy the product here yourself. Would you feel comfortable recommending it to your friends?

The Gravity Myth

While many successful products have a high gravity rating, it shouldn’t be the alpha and omega for you as an affiliate. Look for ratings between 10 and 100 – that means it’s good enough to make sales, but not so crowded with affiliates that it’ll be hard to get a page ranked in the search engines!

Check The Sales History

There are plenty of products that start with a splash thanks to paid promotion or hyping a small group of affiliates – but then their sales pattern drops off. It’s best when a product has a steady line of sales, or better yet, a slowly climbing trajectory – that’s a sign that interest in the product is growing.

Look For Commissions

There are so many similar products out there that it’s foolish to use one that doesn’t promise you good competitive commissions. Affiliates are the lifeblood of success for these marketers: you’re bringing them paying customers without any investment, so it better be worth it for you. Look for products that pay at least $17 dollars a sale. Also keep your eye out for products with recurring memberships – these can give you money in your bank account every month, long after you’ve made the initial sale.

A Secure Page

It’s smart to avoid pages that have “leaks”. When I say this, I’m not talking about security leaks – although those are important too. Offers to join a mailing list, check out an affiliate program for the product (smart customers will realize that they can sign up on Clickbank themselves as affiliates and give themselves a nice rebate), or read the product owner’s blog should all be seen with suspicion. This is especialy true if the Clickbank product is on “just another page” of the product owner’s website.

You only get paid if the visitor buys the product, and the more distractions are on the page, the less chance the page will close the sale for you! Start your own Digital Dominance with this FREE report

Clickbank’s #1 strength and why you should take advantage of it

If you have just started with affiliate marketing, you probably already know about Clickbank. There is no way you would not run into this brand. It is a powerhouse brand in the world of affiliate marketing. Lets now take a look at the opinions People have regarding this digital giant – Clickbank.
To some people, Clickbank is the best thing since sliced bread. To others, Clickbank is a really bad affiliate marketing program. Maybe they just didn’t have much luck with this system and that’s why they have such a negative view of it. Regardless of where you stand in terms of Clickbank’s quality, there is one thing about this affiliate marketing platform that is undeniable, its growing steadily year in and out.

In fact, this quality is its stock and trade. The only other affiliate advertising program that can boast of this feature is none other than Google’s own AdSense system. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Clickbank’s #1 strength, which is a very wide niche coverage. They also offer training in regards to affiliate marketing.

Let’s get one thing clear. If you are looking to market online by attracting online traffic and converting that traffic into dollars and cents, you have to have access to an affiliate program that would cover your niche. Outside of AdSense, the only program that I would trust with a wide enough niche coverage is Clickbank. That’s how massive this system is.

Whether you run a blog that teaches people how to brew beer or you run some sort of dating advice column, Clickbank has got you covered. Clickbank will give you access to products that would enable you to turn your traffic into cold hard cash. This is Clickbank’s #1 appeal. Most other programs except for AdSense cannot even come close. They really can’t.

They’re either too focused on certain niches or they’re too generalized. Make no mistake, you should take advantage of Clickbank’s very wide niche coverage because there are lots of traffic all over the internet. There is a tremendous amount of communities out there. These are people who have clustered around certain topics and niches.

They share lots of content involving a common problem that they have. You just need to attract their eyeballs with the right piece of content and get them to your Clickbank affiliate product landing page. That’s your job.

The best way to do this, of course, is to join such a program that has a wide enough niche coverage to cover pretty much all traffic sources. That’s exactly what you get with Clickbank.

A reliable partner for your traffic generation campaigns

The most awesome thing about the CB affiliate program is the fact that niches have sub-related niches. Even if you can’t find a product that is directly related to your niche, there’s a high chance CB has a product that will fit your sub-niche. Not only does this give you a great way to monetize your traffic, but you also get another key advantage: monetization optimization.

Although most products may not be the most optimal fit for your traffic, when you line up many different CB products for comparative reviews, you’re more likely to pick a high converting product. By promoting as many different CB products to your traffic, you end up with the most optimal product fit for your traffic flow. Start your own Digital Dominance with this FREE report

What To Ask Your Attorney About Transferring An LLC To Texas

Making business decisions, such as you starting to transfer an LLC to Texas, aren’t quite on par with choosing to go with full-fat yogurt versus fat-free. There are an insane number of moving parts. While one aspect of the transfer process isn’t as staggering as another, the weight of a bad move or a careless oversight is not the way you want to get operations going in another state.
Aside from the bad look, though, Texas, like every other state in the U.S., doesn’t take too kindly to poorly executed legal processes. At the very least, it makes you look bad. At worst, it makes it look as though you’re trying to skirt the law, and that’s no bueno. But what options do you have in order to keep these kinds of snafus from occurring? Easy – lawyer up.

The right LLC attorney will not only be able to help you put together the best course of action in the transfer process, but s/he will be able to help find any deficiencies, oversights, or causes for concern in your current operation. In many respects, it’s like having someone on your team that specializes helping you ‘up’ your corporate game, a third-party perspective many companies tend to shy away from to their detriment.

Finding an attorney who knows their way around LLCs isn’t tough to do. For starters, you could always ask another business owner who they use. Word of mouth, while viewed by many as a little old-school, is actually a powerfully effective way to get connected with the right people. Also, don’t forget that there are a number of online legal advice companies. Their fees tend to be easier on the wallet & the vetting process of available attorneys makes working in this modern fashion easier on the nerves. And of course, don’t discount the impact of business conferences & seminars as resources. Presenters at these get-togethers are often attorneys who provide advice on how to maintain operations without running afoul of the law.

As you start setting up meetings with would-be LLC attorneys, it’s important that you ask some good questions. For example:

Do I need to worry about domestication? This is simply the process by which the laws governing your LLC are specific to the new state. In this case, you’re seeking the oversight from Texas. This can be done for a number of reasons. For starters, keeping the LLC under the guidance of the same laws in the state you reside in means lessened legal filings & paperwork. You might also just simply not want to do business in the state where the LLC is currently registered.

Can I keeping my current LLC or do I need to form a new LLC? Complications can often arise with transferring an LLC to another state. The number of employees might be tough to mitigate, and you may have assets that are hard to transfer, or you may even have beneficial tax shelters with which you don’t want to part. Weighing the pros & cons requires sound legal advice.

What kind of paperwork do I need to have vs should have? Documentation & legal compliance are two concepts you need to be really married to when thinking about transferring an LLC to Texas or anywhere else. Remember the whole not running afoul to the law? A solid LLC lawyer will make sure you’re staying in the right when it comes to all of the documents you need for the transfer process.

Are these all the questions you need to ask? No. But the thing is that waiting to get legal help will only complicate matters when you’re trying to transfer an LLC to Texas. The legal ins & outs of doing anything business-related in the Lone Star State, or anywhere for that matter, are more than overwhelming. It is imperative to retain legal counsel to help with the transfer as early in the process as possible so that you don’t miss anything. Many a business decision has been railroaded by dotting every “i” but forgetting to cross even one “t”. Make your move as easy as possible & get a lawyer involved from the start.

GST on Online Gaming Services

Virtual reality has made gaming an integral part of our lives. This epidemic has also transformed the playgrounds of children. Both the online gaming industry and India’s income has seen exponential growth. Online gaming will grow at a rate of 22 percent per year and reach $2 billion in 2023. It is crucial to clarify any uncertainties regarding sector taxes, given the sector’s growth trajectory. This article will explain GST on Online Gaming Services.

What business model is Online Gaming?
Online Gaming Services operate under different business models. These are the most popular and important:

? First, online gaming platforms charge players ‘ rake fees’ (or enrollment fees). These fees can be used to pay a subscription fee for the platform. ? Similar to the previous example, gamers may be able to use monetary options on the platform. A pool is created if players decide to play with money. The pool’s prize money is made up of all contributions by all players. The platform will deduct a commission and the prize money will be released to the winner. ? Finally, the player may have to pay an additional fee for extra features such as unlocking new levels or purchasing more life, performance boosters, and so on. Another source of revenue is in-app advertising.

GST for Online Gaming
Section 7 of the 2017 CGST Act defines supply. Therefore, any transaction that is not included in this definition falls outside the scope of GST. Section 7 states, inter alia, that activities and transactions covered by Schedule III to CGST Act 2017 will not be considered as a supply of goods or as the supply of services. Item no. 6. The said schedule identifies ” actionable claims other than lottery, betting, or gambling.” Any actionable claim other than gambling or lottery betting would not be covered by GST law. The GST Act does not define the term ” actionable claims” It simply refers to the definition of actionable rights from the Transfer of Property Act (1882). We have seen that among the three major revenues an online gaming portal can make, both advertising revenue and rake fees are subject to GST.

How Can a Startup Benefit from ISO 14001 Certification?

Start-ups are the desire of numerous entrepreneurs. However, running a startup isn’t an easy job. Like well-known services, startups likewise require to address legal conformities, deal with their quality criteria as well as apply much better administration. Therefore, below startups likewise, implement ISO Accreditation or Certification to be successful in the future.
Among the vital qualifications is ISO 14001 Certification. In this post, we will check out Exactly how Can a Startup Take Advantage Of ISO 14001 Certification.

What is ISO and also Exactly how can a Startup Benefit from ISO 14001 Certification?
ISO means International Organization for Standardization. It is a non-governmental, worldwide prominent and an independent organization. ISO was developed in 1947 as well as is presently headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The ISO comprises participants from 165 nations. The members from these countries are experts and all these experts established standards for various monitoring systems.

The experts togetherly share their beneficial expertise and also innovate regularly. Additionally, ISO provides technological reports, technological requirements, publicly offered specifications, technological improvements and also guidelines along with manufacturing criteria.

What is ISO 14001 Certification?
ISO 14001 Certification sets criteria for the environmental management system. It gives a stepwise guide and also structure for companies of every size and also type to establish an efficient environmental management system.

Additionally, ISO 14001 gives referrals for ecological systems applications. Certain strategies like audits, messaging, labeling, lifetime analyses, and ecological worries such as climate modification are additionally present in other standards of ISO 14000 Family of Specifications

Today, all the reliable organizations in the world are accredited with ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 is the only requirement in the ISO 14000 family members that can be used for certification. Learn more concerning it thoroughly, – ISO 14000 Household of Requirements.

What is the Environmental Management System?
ISO creates various sorts of ISO Certifications for a selection of administration systems. One such system is an Environmental Management System. In the Environmental Management System, the company attempts to deal with ecological problems.

The best Environmental Management System based on ISO Criteria might consist of-.

Authorization seals or eco-labels, self-declared claims connecting to the atmosphere, and also pre-evaluated ecological info on services and products. Handling the ecological influence of their tasks and also demonstrate their sound environmental management ability.

They are decreasing the global ecological effect of their services and products. Develop an essential web link to external investors.

Meet clear and also verifiable needs to aid companies dealing in discharge decrease tasks. GHG verification or recognition.

Why do startups require ISO 14001 Certification?
ISO Certification for Startups can play an essential role in establishing credibility and far better monitoring systems.

The ISO 14001 Certification might not only assist in safeguarding the environment however likewise aid you in making use of brand-new techniques.

These new methods could lower the general expenses. Startups require an extra boost and also fast development. Dealing with legal problems can set any type of start-up back in the long race of success. Thus, right here again, ISO 14001 Certification might save them from any lawful penalty