Why Andheri West Real Estate Investment Is Highly Profitable?

Andheri has gradually changed from becoming just another Mumbai small city to being one of the city’s most famous attractions. It is especially desirable to live in Andheri West because of its thriving infrastructural development, outstanding connectivity, and commercial ventures.

Andheri west, one of Mumbai’s significant residential areas, has been one of the oldest remaining neighbourhoods. Looking for flats for sale in Andheri West Mumbai would be a profitable move. The region is home to some of the country’s largest production companies. Some of the nearby areas encompass Jogeshwari west and east, Goregaon, Malad Creek, BMC Road, and many others, as well.

As a major railway junction, Andheri is served by the Western and Harbour railway lines, whereas the Central line can be reached via the Metro rail up to Ghatkopar. Bandra and Borivali, two of Mumbai’s most popular suburbs, are within walking distance. The international airport is located in Andheri East, whereas the domestic airport is located just a short distance away from the international airport.

Due to its age, Andheri West is a prime residential neighbourhood. The suburb is well attached to the city’s major landmarks. In Andheri west, one of Mumbai’s most renowned neighbourhoods, there is indeed a large market for residential apartments.


With the metro rail and closeness to both Western and Eastern Express Highways, it is easy to get around Mumbai. Aside from that, it’s close to the airport.

In the neighbourhood of the Oshiwara Bus Depot and Goregaon Bus Depot, there is a good bus service. There is a suburban railway station in the neighbourhood. To get to Andheri west, you’ll need to take the Jogeshwari railway station, which is about 2 kilometres away.

Employment Hubs:

People are moving to this area because of its closeness to employment centres. 5 km away is the Technopolis Knowledge Park. From the neighbourhood, it’s about 2 kilometres to the Fourth Dimension Park. Roughly 6-7 km apart are Samruddhi Venture Park, Spectrum Tower and Magnus Tower.

Quality of Life:

For a prosperous and loving life, Andheri offers a variety of social amenities. In addition to well-known schools, the city is home to international hospitals, which tend to offer a better quality of life.

Best Property Prices:

It’s no surprise that property prices in the city’s business district are always rising. Property prices throughout this area vary from Rs 2.89 crores to Rs 3.60 crores, as well as the prices expected to rise in the future.

Upcoming Infrastructure:

More infrastructure will be built in Andheri West, which has more than 400 layouts and massive plots.

Schools and Other Social Amenities:

The social infrastructure in Andheri west is excellent. The Ryan Global School, St Louis Convent School, Bhavan’s Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, etc., are among the elite institutions in Andheri west. There are several malls in Andheri west that accommodate the purchasing needs of the population, such as Inorbit Mall Malad, Fun Republic Andheri and Oberoi Mall Goregaon, are amongst many others.

Andheri West is home to a number of gated communities and high-end apartment complexes. Its rapid growth is due in large part to its excellent connectivity and social infrastructure. Andheri west is unquestionably one of the best places to live in Mumbai. On top of all that, Andheri west’s price trends and burgeoning demand indicate that the locality will be a great place to invest in the future. The property values in the area will skyrocket, and with a number of projects in the works, the area will continue to grow.

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The most common gin botanicals used by craft distillers

Craft gin is booming in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. These small-batch spirits are made with care and attention, resulting in a truly unique product that you can’t find anywhere else. What sets craft gin such as Old Bakery Gin, apart from other spirits? The botanicals used during the distillation process!

Juniper – Juniper is the predominant flavours found in gin. The juniper berry tastes like pine with a spicy, slightly sweet flavour that compliments other flavours well without overpowering them. The reason why junipers are so popular is because they give gin its signature taste! In addition to having a strong aroma of pine needles and citrus peel, junipers also provide warmth and spice to make your mouth water after just one sip.

Citrus peel – A refreshing citrus taste without the sweetness of oranges or lemons. Citrus peels are found in almost 20% of all craft gins on the market today.

Fennel seeds and basil leaves – Fennel has a sweet liquorice-like flavour with hints of anise seed, while basil provides herbal notes along with its own clean peppermint like aroma that compliments other flavours well. These two botanicals combined create a new twist to traditional juniper infused spirits. Basil features prominently in many Asian gins such as Hendrick’s which use it alongside Thai lemon grass and coriander for added spice.

Mint leaves – Mint provides many health benefits, but it is also an essential flavouring agent found in some gins which uses fresh spearmint along with several other spices including cinnamon, cardamom pods, coriander and many others in order to create a distinctive flavour.

Coriander seeds – Coriander is a herb with roots that can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. Known for being rich in antioxidants, coriander has been used as a culinary spice since the 15th century. It’s also found in some gins such which uses fresh lemon juice along with other spices including juniper berries, rosemary leaves, lavender flowers and many others to create its zesty taste.

Precious Tips to Deal with Ladies Activewear

You know dealing with Ladies Activewear will raise your sales to a great extent. You have to follow some guidelines to make it more profitable for the season. You can stock your store these wear and sell them at a reasonable margin. This blog will facilitate you best while dealing with activewear successfully in the UK or abroad.

You delve into it to serve your purpose while dealing with these outfits in the UK.

Prefer Quality
You are dealing with activewear and want to flourish fast. You should prefer to stock quality products in your stock for the season. These products demand quality and you should consider quality while stocking these. You should stock products that are free from any defect regarding the quality.

Because when you present poor-quality products to your customer, they won’t promote your resource. They give a negative feedback about your platform in the UK. You should stock wholesale womens activewear for this standard to serve your purpose. This will create trouble for you and put a question mark about your survival in the market. To avoid all this, you will have to stock superior quality products in your stock for the season. You should check the quality of the fabric, then stitching, and at the end seam through a reliable resource.

You should replace any item that is not perfect regarding all these three quality aspects. Because customers in the UK don’t compromise on it. Especially, you should focus on the quality of fabric. Then don’t do any compromise on it. Whether it proves expensive or cheap.

Stock Trendy Colours
While dealing with activewear you should choose trendy colours for your wholesale platform in the UK. Some colours. You should stock wholesale activewear according to the given standard. You should stock red, blue, black, and grey colours. These are trendy everywhere and women follow these.

The colour or print plays main role in sale. If you ignore these then you can’t make progress by leaps and bounds in the UK. Women always prefer designs and colours while choosing any product for them. You should take it seriously to serve your purpose while dealing with leggings.

Fancy Designs for the Stock
You should know designs are as essential as colours. It means you should be careful about these while filling your store for the season. You should add such designs to your stock that are good enough to tempt customers. If you do it, then you will improve your sales a lot. You need to Click for more info about clothing wholesalers uk to serve your purpose.

You should check the credibility of designs regarding the customers and then fill your stock with activewear for the season. Polka dot print, dog tooth print, leopard print, and check prints are appreciated and followed everywhere in the UK. You should add these designs to convince customers to deal with your platform. Moreover, you can also add camouflage print and zebra print to serve your purpose.

Follow Live Fashion
You should stock maximum products of live fashion. Because customers will prefer to buy prevailing trends rather than any other product. You should stock maximum products by following hot trends. When you provide your customers according to the demand of live trends, they will readily purchase your deals. This is one of the most useful tips to serve your purpose while dealing with these outfits. Thus, you can turn your trendy activewear wholesale deals into cash in the UK.

Stock Comfy Products
You know leggings come in the skinny fitting. It calls for comfy products. You should stock such products that are comfortable and luxurious. Women feel fresh all the time while wearing them.

Offer Affordable Deals
You are dealing with activewear and want to increase your sales you need to follow this standard. You should adjust your prices in such a way that these suit the budget of maximum customers. This is one of the most effective tips to tempt customers to your platform.

If you search different sites then you will come to know the price packages of different sites. This will help you to determine your packages for your customers in the UK. Thus, you can stock cheap activewear for the sake of customers in the UK.

Deal with Both Sizes
While dealing with activewear you can deal with both sizes such as regular-size as well as plus-size to serve your purpose. You can only improve your sales when you stock and sell both these styles for the season. Some retailers ignore plus-size while dealing with this product. They can earn but to some extent. They deprive of certain sales that they have while dealing with plus-size fashion in the UK.

Sock By Availing of Deals for the Season
While dealing with the leggings you have to keep your expenses within a budget. To follow this, you can avail of deals and discounts. Maximum Wholesalers offer such deals for the season.

You need to have information about them. They try to avail of them as soon as possible. You can only avail of these deals when will follow the given time. That lasts for a particular period and comes to an end after that. Many retailers follow these deals to keep their budget within a limit.

Choose A Certified Dealer
If you make a mistake by choosing a dealer then you will face the music. If you deal with an activewear wholesaler then you should check its certification. If you follow this standard then you get many benefits.

Coaching vs Consulting

You realize you have a problem and you need to fix it. You don’t know exactly what is wrong but you know that your business really needs some help.

Are you unsure if you should hire a coach or a consultant?

It is important to know the differences between the two because there are certainly significant differences between consulting and coaching.

Consultants usually specialize in one particular field of expertise, whether it be accounting, technology, staffing, marketing or any one of many other components of a business.

An independent outside consultant will analyze and look at your business and determine weak spots, strong points and identify missing elements and gaps. They will then propose a plan and a cost. If hired the consultant will either tell you what needs to be done or in many cases do it for you.

What a consultant cannot do is help you transform your business into being successful if the problem is you. Most consultants don’t focus on people and in fact can benefit from a coach themselves.

A coach is a facilitator of growth and change. The role of the coach is to help you and through you they can make a difference in your business and your life.

Hiring a coach doesn’t mean you have serious problems. Hiring a coach means you are aware that if you make certain improvements in your behaviors and core beliefs, your chances of being successful will increase dramatically.

To simplify, a consultant will advise their clients on how to solve the problem while a coach helps guide the client to their own conclusions.

Consultants are focused on the results whereas coaches are focused on the individual.

You hire a consultant to produce a certain outcome and you hire a coach to support and guide you to achieve the outcome yourself.

Metaphorically, a consultant gives you a fish and feeds you a meal, while a coach teaches you to fish so you can feed yourself indefinitely.

There is a time and place for both coaching and consulting. In fact some coaches offer “consultative coaching” which is a subtle combination of both. So as they walk with you along the path to success, sometimes they take the lead.

Which ever road you choose, remember to enjoy the journey.

To your success!

Author Bio

David Mason is president of Mason Performance Development Inc., a Speaker, Trainer, Performance Development Coach and internationally best-selling author.

Business Coaches and Consultants Need Training Too Right?

Well, they can surely use off the shelf business leadership training content if they want to add another valuable service to their clients.

As a business coach or a consultant one of your best weapons is asking questions. To be a successful consultant you must dive deep into your clients organization and ask questions the verify answers to really analyze their situation. This will allow you to come up solutions and help you in advising your client on how to plan and execute to address opportunity areas. So what are the reoccurring opportunity areas that you see time and time again? Answer: Employee training, growth and development, leadership and business training, and many “training related” areas I’m sure.

I know because I have had many business coaches and consultants (especially small business consultants) come to me for guidance in that area. It’s a common opportunity area for small businesses. Most small businesses focus more on operations and revenue than they do on their employee’s growth and development. What they sometimes fail to realize is that the employee is more of an asset to invest in they understand. Soft skills or interpersonal communication skills is absolutely one of the most important traits of a customer focused business. If your employees do not receive training in this area of person-to-person contact then they are destined to have shortcomings.

Now most consultants and coaches just advise their clients to invest in some career training or soft skills courses. They may refer their clients to a few colleagues of theirs (like my colleagues do for my firm) and then move on to their next client or follow up with that client with questions about how the plan is going and if they took the training advise. What if you as a coach or consultant had your own business leadership or career training programs to offer? Don’t worry about developing a training program from scratch for every client. You would have to grow a complete training staff to do that anyway. Why not invest in some off the shelf courseware to offer your clients?

What is off the shelf courseware? This is a training program in a box really. It may be one topic or many or a cluster of topics that fall into your clients opportunity areas of employee training and development. Imagine handing you’re client a course that’s ready to go and that they could use to facilitate the soft skills training or business leadership training needs of their organization with just a few edits or customization so that it appears to be their own training product/program. Off the shelf career or business leadership or soft skills training courseware should be a must have for every business consultant or business coach out there. Instead of just advising a client to get that done because it’s needed and an area for them to improve their business – why not give them what they ask for and you advise them to do as well?

Where is the selling point for the client? There need not be one really. You can give the training to them. You could sell it as an additional product as well, but for the client they get a training program that didn’t have to spend months or years to develop. They can customize it and brand it to their company and facilitate internal training so they take ownership in growing leaders from within. The client doesn’t have to figure it out or spend thousands on seminars, workshops and travel/entertainment expense for their employees. It is really a “no brainer” for consultants and coaches to have off the shelf courseware in their back pocket and as an added benefit for their clients. It’s amazing how many consultants out there who spend more time referring this task or outsourcing it so that others can capitalize on the training opportunity area. Training content or courseware for consultants just makes sense.

Where is the benefit for you the consultant or coach? Well – your clients’ benefit above should the most important. Also, you can purchase training content from some training providers restriction free. It’s called re-usability training. Some organizations focus solely on developing business leadership and soft skills training programs that anyone can use as courseware to re-brand, edit, sell or customize any way they like.

In summary: business coaches and consultants do need training too. They need it not just for them to grow and develop, but they need courseware to add value to their service offerings and enhance their clients’ experience.

Call Center Consulting Experts Help You Go the Corporate Way

Call center consulting services can give your home business a corporate image by managing your communication lines. Effective communication applications improve contact among your workers, suppliers, and customers. Forget you’re a small business aping the corporate giants; you’re on way to becoming one.

Call Center Consulting

Small businesses rely on loyal patronage, but they also depend on several other variables such as timely delivery of quality supplies, keeping track of trends to catch up with what is new, management of information that keeps on changing and increasing, and keeping communication lines open. This is on top of managing operations at all fronts.

For big corporations, they rely on communications consultants to manage their communication lines all over the globe. The consultants design and provide the strategies for the corporate call center. Their consulting services do the complex solutions for the call center’s needs and applications of corporations on a grander scale. For a small business, the consultants adjust or select the suitable applications.

The integration of CRM technology assures real-time solutions to problems and delivery of company and product information and services. Geared towards customer care, this strategy optimizes the company’s reach and effectiveness in responding to customer concerns. The strategy assures customers that the company is around to help them out anytime daily without fail.

For small or medium-sized business, hiring a call center consulting expert drastically improves CRM management. The consulting service designs a program after analyzing your contact needs. You can rely on the service to follow customers at billing time, announce the launch of new products and incentives, and track repeat customers with ease.

Keeping Open Lines

Customers appreciate being valued for their constancy. The guarantee that they can pick up the phone and dial a number anytime they have problems regarding product usage or other concerns is a relief. For the company, complaints, requests, and questions are key issues that are analyzed to improve company customer relations management and service.

Customers are fickle. Any time they feel that their needs are not taken care of, they hustle to other companies, leaving you bewildered and frustrated not knowing why. Knowledge of their preferences and changing needs provides you with the leverage to improve your services ahead of time before you end up with less than 20% satisfied customers, a warning to stop the downtrend fast.

Call center applications establishes a long-term customer-company relationship, making the one-time investment worthwhile and cost-effective. This complements the data banking you have stored for quick access and reference.

Companies value the significance and efficiency of having a call center consulting service take on the additional burden and save them thousands of dollars. Your small business can capitalize on this advantage and assume a corporate image that boosts your branding.

What to Expect From the Experts

It will save time and much hair-splitting if you analyze the needs of your business along the area of customer service. Your information will give the call center consulting expert a general idea of your requirements. The expert will review and analyze your business operations, observe the current management of CRS, and identify the weak and strong areas. Even the script is designed to fit into your branding.

You will have to discuss with the call center consulting service your ideas, what and how you want things ran, and what you want to achieve in the future. This is not a 1-2-3 formula; expect that it will take quite some time before your system is up and running, but once it is, it is all systems go for your small business.

How to Become an Image Consultant

Image consultants have some of the hottest jobs in the business world today, thanks to the world of television and shows like Extreme Makeover, Queer Eye for Straight Guy, What to Wear and What Not to Wear. Image consultants give advice to other clients advising them on their style and help them to achieve their wishes – whether it’s a new job, or simply boosting their self-esteem. In making people look good, image consultants offer services such as:

Makeover Consultant or Image Analysis

You give feedback to people and help them build or change their overall image.

Wardrobe Consultant or Fashion Stylist

This job is about reviewing clients’ current wardrobe and then sorting outfits that need to be disposed of and deciding which should be purchased; in short, coordinating clients’ outfits and wardrobe organizing.

Makeup Consultant

You would give advice to clients on their makeup as well on specific aspects of their image, such as physical appearance – colors, hairstyle, skincare, etc.

Image usually portrays a person’s appearance or looks. But beyond this, people also form impression about someone based on the way a person talks as well as their behavior. Therefore as an image consultant, it would be your job to advise clients on issues such as:

o Verbal Communication-Clear diction, voice, vocabulary and proper language.

o Body Language- Rectify the client’s body language and non-verbal cues, such as handshake, eye contact and posture.

o Etiquettes-Teaching clients business etiquette, as well as social graces such as table manners.

Other than consulting your clients, you can also form a network of all strategic partners so that you can refer your clients to, such as hairstylists, makeup artists, dentists, dieticians, plastic surgeons, personal trainers and diction coaches.

Image consultants have the chance to help anyone who needs help improving the way they are perceived.

o You can work with women who want to change their look.

o Work with job seekers

o Handle the image of corporate executives

o Handle beauty pageant contestants

o You can also handle lawyers, as well as their clients

o Boost the morale of cancer survivors

o Modify looks of the television personalities

o Work with politicians

o Work with singles who seek partners

Many people appoint image consultants, even corporate clients. Companies hire image consultants to advise new managers on how to communicate with their employees, or even coach a senior executive to leave a lasting impression during media appearances.

Property Consultants – Saving Time, Money and Stress?

Whether you are a busy individual looking for your dream home, a relocating business, or a property investor, property consultants can help you. Premier Property Search consultants have the in-depth local knowledge, responsive market contacts, and specialist experience to acquire the perfect property for you.

From drawing up your wish list, to putting the key in the front door, here’s how your property consultant can save you time, stress and money:

1. Your free initial consultation

Your property consultant will begin by discussing your needs and aspirations with you in detail. Together you can tap into Premier Property Search’s vast experience and up-to-date knowledge of the market to set a clear and achievable brief.

2. The property search and shortlist

Once our property consultant fully understands your requirements, the search begins.

Your property consultant will save you hours of trawling through endless property websites, or rounds of fruitless phone calls. We will talk to our unparalleled network of estate agents, developers, property investors, and local contacts relevant to your search.

A list of properties which match your brief is then drawn up, some of which may not yet have come on to the open market. Your property consultant will visit and scrutinize each one, ready to present a failsafe shortlist to you.

3. Time for you to decide

At a time that suits you, your property consultant will accompany you to view the shortlisted properties. You can spend half a day or perhaps a whole day looking at properties, all of which match your requirements.

Your time looking at properties will be an informative and enjoyable experience, rather than fraught with stress and disappointment.

More often than not we will have found your ideal property. If not, both you and your property consultant will have a clearer idea of your requirements, and the search can continue.

4. Negotiation on your behalf

Once you have made your choice, your property consultant will negotiate the best possible price. We nearly always guarantee to achieve a significant discount on the asking price.

5. The home straight

Once your offer has been formally accepted, your property consultant will take the hard work out of the buying process. We liaise with all parties on your behalf – the estate agent or private seller, the solicitors, surveyors, mortgage brokers and any other stakeholders. In what is often a complicated, frustrating and time consuming process, your property consultant will use their skills and professionalism to overcome any obstacles and ensure a smooth transaction.

Tips to Finding the Right Internet Consultant

The first question that strikes one’s mind while talking about internet marketing consultant is that why do you really need them? And as the article title reads, we are talking about South Africa here.

South Africa is a third world developing country where internet is available only to the privileged metropolitan areas. The rural areas are extremely backward and poverty stricken to think about technological advancements and the internet. They are bothered about making a living for befitting two meals a day.

So you can very well understand that internet marketing targets the upper echelons of the South African society. There is a certain perception that internet marketing will not yield any fruitful results in this third world country because it does not reach the mass.

On one hand even if this notion is true, one needs to understand the big proliferating market this unexplored region provides. The 2010 FIFA World Cup has shown to the world what South Africa can do.

The hospitality and grandeur arrangements in the country prove the possibilities of growth in the South African market. Just that one needs to start from the scratch to appeal the crowd.

Considering this and more, internet is an expensive commodity in South Africa. Most access it from their office and do not have any access to the internet at home.

At the same time, there are many wanting to embark upon self employment opportunities. Even if the South Africans do not have the full fledged access to the World Wide Web, they are quite aware of the quick money making opportunities the internet can provide.

If you are one of those privileged South Africans seeking luck in internet marketing, it is best to follow a few tips than be lost in the maze.

• Do not fall for the overseas internet marketing consultants charging exorbitant price due to the exchange rate differences to provide necessary advice on web design, on page search optimization, keyword searching, targeting and pay per click campaigns.

• Instead brush up your own skills. Then log onto the internet for finding locals. An internet marketing consultant with customer testimonials is one of the best solutions. At east this way you know you are not being bluffed because you have some idea about the internet marketing process yourself.

• Look out for those with fine reputation in the market for honest deals. Do not get trapped by the monopolistic internet marketing consultants. Undertake a thorough search to reap good benefits.

• Choose a niche market which you want to trade. Never flow with the tide. Check if the respective internet marketing consultants’ strategies suit your needs and product promotion. If not, move onto another consultant. Satisfaction is very important, so do not compromise.

• Make sure that the consultant provides a South African based email address for your product. You do not want to start your business with a different identity of a first world country. Be proud of who you are. Remain calm and you will overcome every obstacle in achieving your dream job of internet marketing.

The Essentials of Town Planning and Job of Planning Consultants

Strategic planning of the town is essential to give a concrete structure to the look of the town. Due to rampant construction of buildings and industries with the industrial revolution penetrating the nook of the city, town planning became an important decision to be taken. Hence, the social reformers adopted the policy of sketching out the right measures to control the raging growth triggered by modernization.

What is a town plan?

Planning the town involves the intricate details of understanding the requirements of the towns and its various divisions and utilizing the land to the best of benefit. It is like promoting development by implementing decisions and turning the town into a planned city, without interfering with the environmental features. The planners work in two ways to go about the planning. They either chalk out the structure of a brand new area of the town or inject suitable ways to reform the existing land to ensure spatial relief to the eyes, adequate light everywhere, proper drainage system and clean drinking water.

How it used to be v/s what is the basic Idea now?

Previously, the town development or planning concentrated on the basic urban needs like railways, roadway connections, recreational spaces, open lots, housing complex, sewerage facilities, water supply, energy supply and much more. Nevertheless, the basic idea of planning the town today lies with modification of the city which is already present rather than adopting a new initiative of developing an entirely new town. But the real challenge lies in dealing with the political challenges and giving result to the planning vision. In this context the planning consultants are the best in providing the advice and help for planning the town.

What is the job of town planning consultant?

The town planning consultants go into the legal details and formalities before the plan is given a result. If you have any question related to your area of new development and planning, then you can seek advice from the consultants. Remember, that each small piece of development requires permission for planning. Therefore the planner has to seek permission from the Council by sending an application. Now, a consultant intimates you the Council’s name who will ultimately give the decision of the new planning project undertaken.

The consultant also clarifies the transparency of your project and if there is any chance of neighbors objecting to the initiative. Issues like third party and its appeal against the decision of the Council is a matter of major concern. The planning consultants elucidate on these points. Besides, as a planner you get to know the Council’s reaction to your planning and reforming decision of the town and also the total cost involved in making the appeal.

However, to make the appeal work in favor, the development plan should be rightly chalked out without missing any detail.